Fire it up! Let the smoke from a piece of oiled wood imbue your glass and ice with delicate smokiness.


  • Add ice and interior garnish to your glass
  • Torch a piece of wood sprayed with essential oils (here orange oil is used). *Do be careful and have a fire extinguisher on hand!


  • Place the smoking wood over your glass upside down, filling the glass with smoke
  • Mix your cocktail and pour into the smoked glass


The same effect can be achieved by smoking wood chips. Skip the first step and place your glass upside down over the smoking chips. Flip, add ice and your cocktail.

This technique is highlighted here by Brendan Brewster at North 53 in Edmonton in his Smoke & Oak Fashioned. We post this with love and in thanks to Brendan, who sadly died in early 2016. RIP Brendo, you were such a gentleman.