Victoria Gin: Handmade Cocktail Spirit For Better Gin Cocktails

Cocktail Gin

The Victoria Gin and Oaken Gin bottles allude to how the cocktail spirit is handmade.

From the classic G&T to the most complex gin cocktail, great drinks start with great spirits. Victoria Gin has long been part of a cocktail toolkit. As Canada’s first premium gin, Victoria Gin developed a cult following over the last decade and helped inspire a new industry of micro-distilling in the country. Victoria Gin, and it's sister Oaken Gin, are complex spirits now loved the country over.

Their contemporary presentation reflects the spirits inside. Modern icons etched onto the elegantly lean bottles reference essential elements of a cocktail toolkit. The copper on the label and cap allude to the copper pot still in which the spirit is handmade.

These are cocktail spirits set for imaginative possibilities. As well as inspiring your own Victoria Gin cocktails, we hope this website will encourage you to learn techniques, experiment, and make the cocktails you love even better. V+ your inspiration.

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As one of Canada’s oldest, small-batch distilleries, we’re influenced by history and driven by innovation. We believe that the right combination of spirits and ingredients offer limitless possibilities for innovative gin cocktails and hope to inspire you to make your own. Let Victoria Gin be part on your journey to better cocktails. V+ your inspiration.

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